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Are you from the school of thought that the way to a person´s heart is through their stomach? The holidays are fast approaching, and traditional recipes are going in full swing.

You can´t wait to cook your meals. Hold on, not so fast. Did you forget that your aunt is vegetarian, and your niece is now vegan? Do you know all of the differences between the two?

Relax; we´ve got you covered. This post explores healthy snack ideas to add to your holiday menu or as healthy food snack gift ideas for healthy eaters.

Healthy eating during the holidays

The holidays are the most tempting time of year, hands down. From the array of traditional meals to delicious cookies, pies, and cakes, it´s no wonder most of us put on a few extra pounds during this time.

However, some of our health-conscious relatives choose to stay faithful to the course. One thing to keep in mind; is that healthy living is not just a diet; it´s a lifestyle.

It is possible to sustain healthy eating regimens even during the holidays. Plus, more and more people are now trying healthier meals; yes, some people experiment to see what works best for them or if they can do it (take that plunge into healthy living).

Interesting healthy food and holiday Facts

Vegetarian dishes date back to about the 6th Century in ancient India and then the Eastern Mediterranean countries.

Lacto-ovo vegetarians are a group of people who consume no animal flesh but eat eggs and dairy.

Lacto vegetarians are people who eat no animal flesh and eggs, just dairy.

Ovo vegetarians eat no animal and dairy products, only eggs.

Pescatarians are vegetarians who eat fish.

Pollotarians are vegans who eat poultry and fowl.

Part-time vegetarians are called Flexitarians.

Vegan is a newer concept but the strictest form of vegetarianism.

1 in 3 men waits until Christmas Eve to do their Christmas shopping.

Oklahoma was the last state to legalize Christmas in 1907.

In Japan, ordering KFC for Christmas is now popular. One must place orders months in advance.

What is a good gift for someone healthy?

Vegans and vegetarians can be very disciplined. Perhaps, it may seem challenging to find the right gift or products if you aren´t practicing vegan or vegetarianism yourself.

Let´s take the pain out of shopping for the health-conscious people among you with these eleven fine choice snack ideas to take on the go. They are so delicious you may be hooked on them yourself.

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1) Organic Superfood Blend of Chia, Flax, and Hemp Seeds

Chia seeds

Blends of Chia, Flax, and Hemp seeds

Better Body Organic Superfood is a great addition for:

  • smoothies
  • yogurt
  • shakes
  • oatmeal
  • cream of wheat
  • overnight oats
  • salads

This organic superfood is an excellent plant source of Omega-3 fatty acids and a good source of fiber. Gluten-free. Non-GMO, Kosher, USDA certified.

Since I´ve started using Chia, flax, and hemp seeds, I can´t stop. They are easy to incorporate into any dish and work well as a light garnish on healthy meals.

2) Power up Trail Mix

Powerup trail mix

This trail mix is full of proteins necessary for muscle tissue formation and:

  • strengthens your immune system
  • keep you fuller longer
  • comes from natural products
  • gluten-free, Kosher, vegan

You really can´t go wrong with trail mixes. They are a perfect mixture of delicious goodness and Power Up Trail Mix tastes great.

3) Classic fresh Fruit basket

classic fresh fruit basket

This fresh organic fruit basket also includes crackers, cheese, and nuts. Healthy and delicious. Fresh fruits are a must-have for a healthy immune system. This basket of fresh fruits, nuts, cheese, and crackers is a home run.

4) Pure Protein bars

Pure protein bars

Pure protein bars are nutritious snacks that help sustain your energy levels. Low in sugar, gluten-free, variety pack (chocolate peanut butter, chocolate Deluxe, and chewy chocolate). Easy to take along with you anywhere.

I love protein bars, and the various flavored packets are my all-time favorites (chocolate peanut butter, creamy chocolate deluxe, chewy chocolate) as an occasional treat for my taste buds.

5) Orgain Organic Protein

Orgain protein snacks

Gluten-free, nondairy, soy-free, lactose-free, Kosher, Non-GMO, peanut butter flavor. Orgain Organic Protein is a healthy treat to curb your hunger cravings. Excellent as:

  • snack
  • pre-post workout treat
  • breakfast on the go
  • lunch

I love snacking on healthy snacks that tend to satisfy my hunger and increase my energy levels without any side effects like caffeine.

Divine Snacks

6) Dark chocolate with almonds

Dark chocolate

Oven-roasted dark chocolate-flavored nut snacks is perfect for adults and children.

Dark chocolate is healthier for you. Since I started eating dark chocolate (my favorite is with nuts) like this one, let´s just say I have not been disappointed, and you won´t be either.

7) Pacific Coast Classic dried fruit tray

Dried fruits with nuts

This fruit tray comes with fresh nuts (almonds and pistachios) and makes a perfect gift. I love a good mixture of dry fruit and healthy nuts. They make a perfect snack for any time of the day and for home, office, or on-the-go use.

8) Garden Veggie Straws

Vegie straws snacks

Garden Veggie Straws is from Sensible Portions. Non-GMO, gluten-free, Kosher, healthy snack alternative to potato chips. I have a salty tooth sometimes, and these veggie straws are a healthier alternative to potato chips. They also taste great, and you don´t have to worry about calories.

9) Nutella Organic Vegan Hazelnut Spread

Nutiva chocolate bread spread

Classic chocolate hazelnut spread. Gluten-free, plant-based. Perfect on healthy bread and crackers, topping for ice cream, and more. Chocolate spread on bread, need I say more?

10) Beyond meat

Beyond Meat snacks

Beyond Meat is a plant-based Teriyaki jerky. Slow-roasted and kettle cooked for exceptionally flavored jerky. Made from all-natural plant-based products. Meatless jerky tastes incredible and is an excellent snack to take anywhere with you.

11) Nature´s Bounty Complete

protein shake complete

Nature´s Bounty contains collagen and fiber and has a blend of over 12 essential vitamins and minerals to support overall health.

Sometimes a good protein mix like Nature´s Bounty can go a long way. Not only is this rich and creamy, but it also keeps you fuller longer.

During the past several years, we´ve seen vast improvements and variety in vegetarian meals and snacks, especially in the non-meat alternatives. Not only are they healthy, but now they are also delicious.

Some vegetarian dishes can give their unhealthy counterparts a run for their money. Even today, new advancements are underway. I, for one, can´t wait to try the vegetarian and vegan meals that await us.


The holidays can be tempting, and one can over-indulge in eating traditional holiday foods. However, it is possible to maintain a healthy lifestyle during the holidays.

Do you have friends or family members who are vegan or any form of vegetarian? Then the products listed above may serve as a good treat for them whether you incorporate them in your family gatherings/ get-togethers or as a holiday gift idea.

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  1. Wow, you have provided some great ideas to make nutritious snacks that would be accepted by vegans and you are right.

    The holiday season is when they are needed the most. You have listed some excellent products to be used as alternatives to traditional foods, which is great and helpful.

    I especially like the idea of setting out fruit, and having a dried fruit display, because I feel these would be accepted by all. Thank you for these fantastic ideas!

    1. Hey Topline,

      Thanks for reaching out and sharing your opinions with us. I´m glad you liked the article and were able to get some ideas that would benefit everyone.

      I think healthy dishes are good in their own right, but the proper presentation/display could make them even more appealing.

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  2. Interesting Article; I especially liked the holiday facts heading. I did not know there were so many “tarians”, or that the Japanese order KFC for Christmas; this made me chuckle!

    Would you consider adding more to your list, or make a part 2 topic to this with more food choices for vegan/vegetarians, such as main course meals?

    1. Hi Jeremy,

      Thanks for sharing. Yes, there are many types of vegetarians, but for those who aren´t well-versed in this knowledge, it can be confusing and perhaps perplexing.

      Yes, I also love learning about other customs and traditions, especially holiday traditions. I would love to do a more in-depth full-course meal for the many types of vegetarianism.

      So stay tuned. Thanks for stopping by.



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