Quotes are short to the point insightful inspiration, that can catch our attention and linger in our minds. They can play on our emotions and can be very memorable. Great quotes can transform us if we let them. Here are some inspiring healthy lifestyle quotes to ponder upon. 

Healthy Living

A healthy lifestyle can change your body, your mood, and your life.

Love yourself enough to live a healthy lifestyle.

A healthy lifestyle is a great investment with a 100-fold return guarantee.

Health is not bought; it is earned.

Prevention is way better than a cure.

The only way to maintain your health is to eat what you don´t like, drink what you can´t stand, and do things you don´t want to.

Take care of your body. It is your home!

The absence of exercise=the presence of diseases.

Exercise elevates your quality of life.

The secret of health for your mind and soul is to not mourn your past, approach your future with expectancy, and live in the present moment, fully engaged with wisdom and tenacity.

A fit body that looks good in any clothing…., now that is the optimal fashion statement.

Your health is your greatest wealth.

Wealth starts with health.

A great blessing in life is health.

Health is not about weight loss but about life gain.

Good health should be your master plan.

The human body is the greatest earthly miracle. It is stronger and wiser than you know, and improving its abilities opens up doors you´ve never known.

There are no shortcuts to good health; it takes work (healthy meals, exercise, stress-reduction techniques).

Eat good, feel great.

The food you eat can be powerful medicine or lethal doses of deadly poison.

Want a healthy body? Eat right! Health starts from the inside.

Life is a journey of self-creation.

Health is heavy doses of healthy foods, regular exercise, and wisdom on how to live life the right way.

The best gift you can give your family members is to remain healthy and take care of yourself.

Health looks different for everybody.

What´s more expensive? Living a healthy lifestyle or battling a chronic disease?

The preservation of health is better than a cure for a disease.

Health pay now (healthy meals and lifestyle) or pay up later (hospital bills, chronic disease treatments).

Your body is powerful enough to do almost anything. It´s your mind you have to persuade.

Your body can hear your thoughts; keep it positive!

You may worry about the vast majority of diseases, but doctors worry about the short supply of effective treatments.

Health is the complete harmony of the whole human; body, mind, and spirit. They all walk together hand in hand.

A healthy lifestyle starts with a choice, strengthens into a habit, and lives daily as a lifestyle.

Laughter and sleep are components of good health. Heavy doses are recommended daily!


H -hear and follow the wisdom

E -eat heavy doses of vegetables and fruits

A -alter unhealthy habits

L -learn to forgive and think positively

T -train your body by working out regularly

H -hop on the most fulfilling and rewarding life train!


Health Poem

I saw health,

standing up ahead clothed in her beauty.

Telling me the secrets of her wealth.

‘Forgive and let things go,

make peace with your past

your future gets brighter, you know.

Get heavy doses of laughter

and run to catch your dreams a little faster.

Eat right and exercise,

ten more years to your life they buy. ’

I thanked health for her incredible wisdom

but she said, ‘Come on, take my hand, I´ll lead you to freedom’.

H ope

E ndurance

A ttitude

L aughter

T enacity

H appiness

Living a healthy lifestyle comes with many perks and benefits. It increases your quality of life.

Living a fulfilling and satisfying life is living life to its fullest. Why live an ordinary life when you can live an extraordinary one?

Kickstart your healthy lifestyle today!

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2 thoughts on “Healthy Lifestyle Quotes”
  1. Oh I love what you say that your body can hear your thoughts, so keep it positive! It is so true. A healthy lifestyle might start with what you eat, but there is so much more, including positive thinking, enough exercise, laughter and good sleep. 

    I love your infographic about health and will print it out and pin it on my fridge, to remind me of the importance of a healthy lifestyle and ways to achieve it. And I will make sure to include heavy doses of laughter. Thank you for sharing the beautiful poems. 

    1. Thank you Line. Yes, a healthy lifestyle covers every area of us humans.

       Healthy lifestyle choices are choices that cultivate a balanced lifestyle and benefit the physical, mental, social/emotional, and spiritual aspects of life. Therefore it is not just diet and exercise alone, stress management techniques such as meditation and journaling are also included. 

      I wrote another post on that Healthy Lifestyle tips for daily life! | Elevate Healthy Choices (elevatehealthylifestylechoices.com). 

      I am happy that you found some value in the content. I am also grateful that my infographic will make its way to your fridge. It is good to have important reminders, which we can see daily, to keep us motivated.

      Here´s to a happy and satisfying life (in every area of your life), Line.



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