Healthy Lifestyle choices can offer the most rewarding, fulfilling, and satisfying life. Happiness and health come from the inside out.

Here are some healthy lifestyle tips to assist you in your new adventure and give you fresh ideas for everyday use.

Food and drinks

Stay hydrated: Drink more water.

Become a tea-drinker: Consider adding teas to your diet if you don´t already. Try to drink 1-2 cups weekly. Green, (may fight cancer, help you lose weight) black, (may improve gut health), or white (may reduce inflammation) teas are some you can try.

Smoothies: Think about drinking at least two healthy yet delicious smoothies a week.

Consistency: Be vigilant; remain consistent until you develop your new system into a routine.

Cut it out: Cut out unhealthy fats in your diet and choose healthier fats instead (in place of soy, corn, or canola oil, use extra virgin olive or macadamia oil).

Grocery haul: Fill your pantry and fridge with nourishing foods. This act will force you to cook your meals and to snack healthier. You can´t eat what´s not there.


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Feed your mind

Meditation: Meditation is holistic to the mind, soul, and body. It improves your mental wellness. Choose the time of day that works the best for you (first thing when you wake up, in the afternoon, or the last thing before bed at night).

Positive thinking: Engage in positive thinking. Feed your mind a healthy diet of positive thinking. Do not give negative thoughts any access to your train of thought or your time, for that matter. Reject them immediately as they come to your mind and replace them promptly with positive ones.


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Make journaling a habit. Journaling is a very effective tool for connecting with your feelings and reflecting. Journaling plays a vital role in healing your emotions when you acknowledge and deal with your feelings in healthy ways.

Your feelings communicate with you. They tell you what condition your emotions are in, at that moment. They are there to guide you and help you channel healthier solutions to present and future problems by learning from your past mistakes or just trying something different for a change.

Feed your emotions

Take time for an emotional detox! Cleanse yourself from toxic emotions.

 Me timeMe time: Set aside time for yourself to relax and unwind. Enjoy that movie on Netflix that you didn´t have the time to watch, or enjoy binge-watching your favorite shows for a few hours (remember not to overdo it!)

Get moving: Go for a nice leisurely walk in nature and indulge your thoughts (keep them positive)!

Throw on your old inline skates to see if you still have what it takes. You might have a lot of fun laughing at yourself.

Go for a bike ride.

Drive around wealthy neighborhoods to discover your future dream house!

Enjoy a fun game night with your family.


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Helping hand

Sleep like a princess: Don´t rob yourself of sleep. Follow your body´s lead. If you are tired, go to bed earlier. Don´t make a habit of fighting your sleep urges to burn the midnight oil. Be kind to your body, and give it the rest it needs and deserves.

Help others: Be very careful and thoughtful about this one. It is a good feeling to help someone in need. Perhaps you can babysit for a single mom/dad 2x a month? A small but thoughtful gesture goes a long way for someone in need.

Protect yourself: Set healthy boundaries. Learn when to say no because you are only human. You can´t do everything. Prioritize your tasks. Say yes to what you can do and no to what you can´t. Learn to be at peace with your choices.

The last thing you want is to take on more than you can handle and get unnecessary stress affecting your physical and mental health. It is much wiser not to walk down that path in the first place.

Protect yourself and others by not putting either of you in awkward situations.

How about you? What methods have worked well for you?

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By Dana

2 thoughts on “Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Daily Life!”
  1. With the demanding lifestyles that most people live these days, having a healthy lifestyle can be a challenge to many people. These tips and ideas will help anybody that is looking for ways to add healthy choices to their daily life.

    A healthy lifestyle is not only about the foods that we eat, but also having a good balance with exercise, enough sleep and relaxation, and feeding your mind. 

    1. Thank you, Line, for your continuous support. Yes, it´s true having a demanding lifestyle can be a challenge in implementing a healthy lifestyle change.

      We are glad that you got some value from our tips that could facilitate and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

      At Elevate Healthy Lifestyle Choices, we like to give people a variety of simple solutions, that are easily applicable and helpful to them.

      We want to see more and more people succeed on their healthy lifestyle journey.



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