The Science behind why hobbies are good for you and how to make them a part of your life!

Enjoy passionate hobbies
Hobbies can enrich your life

Health and happiness are premium desires. Who doesn´t want to be healthy and happy? Many people struggle to achieve it, and some do not know where to start. Are health and happiness myths or just wishful thinking? What if I were to tell you that hobbies play a vital role in your pursuit of health and happiness? This article takes a closer look at the science of how hobbies are good for you and how to make them a part of your life.

Why hobbies are important for your mental health

Our modern world is fast-paced, and globally people’s to-do lists seem to be getting longer, not shorter. Fast-paced lives are a breeding ground that attracts chronic stress, which triggers the invitation of chronic diseases, anxiety, depression, worry, and panic. How can hobbies help, you ask? Engaging in passionate hobbies (doing things that bring you joy) has many benefits for your mental health, such as:

  • aid in relaxation
  • reduce stress and anxiety
  • reduce your risk of being depressed
  • enhance your focus and concentration
  • boost your immune system
  • provide a sense of purpose and accomplishment

The benefits of hobbies for physical and emotional well-being

We all know the importance of staying active for added health benefits. Incorporating any type of physical activity (even chores around the house or garden) can significantly impact your health. The worse thing anyone can do to themselves is to live a “couch potato lifestyle.” That is a far cry from treating yourself to a day of sitting on the couch binge-watching your favorite Netflix shows, movies, or documentaries; this is acceptable and a form of self-care because we all need to ensure we get to rest from our hectic schedules. What is not ideal is to live on that couch day in and day out.

It is also a good idea to go out in nature for a nice brisk walk to get some fresh air (your lungs will thank you) and boost your mental health. Other benefits of hobbies include:

  • may improve your physical health,
  • encourage you to be physically active (for example, gardening),
  • help boost your immune system,
  • improve your hand-eye coordination (for example, tennis)
  • help increase your energy levels,
  • decrease your risk of getting chronic diseases.

The impact of hobbies on creativity and innovation in the workplace

Have you noticed in job interviews the recruiting officers ask what your hobbies are? What does that have to do with your work performance? Cooperations know that a stressed-out employee is not ideal because this can impact the employee´s quality of work. The recruiters know the secret of a good employee is someone who is well-balanced and engaging in hobbies can help improve your professional life.

Other benefits of hobbies for professional enhancement are:

  • allow you to develop new skills
  • increase innovation and creativity
  • boost your self-esteem/self-confidence
  • Hobbies can also provide a competitive advantage in the job market. Hobbies never leave you as they find you. They help enrich and expand your knowledge and push you to perform at your optimal best.

Hobbies can bring joy and fulfillment to your life

Hobbies offer you the opportunity to bring fulfillment and contentment to your life. They are great avenues to indulge, explore, and develop your passions and interest. They also provide you with a sense of fun and excitement. Also, hobbies allow you to help set and achieve personal goals and aspirations.

How to choose a hobby easily, without getting a headache

Increase your satisfaction level
Live life to the fullest

Sometimes we can make things more complicated than they need to be. Finding a passionate hobby does not need to be a tireless chore to add to your long list of other to-do things. If you are not sure where to begin, ask a trusted friend or family member who´s known you for years; for their observations about your strengths, talents, and interests. Some people have a blind spot when it comes to themselves. Therefore feedback from someone they know and trust is a bonus.

What activities light your fire? I know some people who need their weekly exercise fix. These people need to get at least three weekly workouts to function at optimal levels. Depending on your work schedule, it may be possible to sneak in a quick jog/run before or after work a few times per week.

If exercise is not your cup of tea, how about gardening? Even if you may think you have a green thumb, do not let that deter you. There are so many easy seeds to plant for beginners. I started with simple onion bulbs. I can´t stress the satisfaction you get when you see the growth of your fruits, vegetables, or herbs. The joy of cooking meals with your home-grown produce or herbs is amazing. Not to mention you are giving back to nature as you make natural compost along with other measures you take in your planting journey.

Are you artistic? Perhaps you can push yourself out of your comfort zone by trying new things. Cooking is a form of art. You can try new recipes that are healthy yet delicious. If you enjoy painting, drawing, pottery, crocheting, sewing, or knitting, you can try something new, like another pattern or a different approach. When it comes to creativity, exploration is key. Remember to remain open to new possibilities.

Some people need to (accidentally) try something once to realize; they are good at it. I know of someone who started coding out of curiosity, and it came to him effortlessly. He later built websites in his spare time for fun. That opened up an opportunity for him to make a small side income.

We all know someone who can spend hours in the garage, working on a car. Some people find excitement in taking things apart and restoring them. If you have a knack for rebuilding things, the sky is the limit to what you can do. You can start with gadgets around your house.

If you enjoy peace, you can engage in breathing exercises, yoga, meditation, reading, or even join a book club. There are many opportunities to engage in hobbies, from something as simple as walking to more exotic or strange as taxidermy. Life is short; you might as well do things that bring you joy; from time to time.


There is more to hobbies than meets the eye. Hobbies have many health benefits for mental, physical, and general well-being. Hobbies can also influence your satisfaction in life and add fun and meaning to your life. Work performance, development of some skills, and good health can also increase if you engage in a passionate hobby that brings you joy.

There is no need to overcomplicate choosing a hobby. For starters, you can ask a trusted friend/family member about your talents, abilities, and likes. Find a hobby based on your personality, needs, wants, and preferences. In today´s stressful and fast-paced life, your health and happiness depend on doing things you love and enjoy.

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