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Would you like to know the secret behind many top celebrities and the most serious bodybuilders’ great physic? HGH!

In case, you´re wondering what that is, it´s Human Growth Hormones. Human Growth Hormones are considered to be the key to slowing down the aging process.

This article compares supplements that raise your HGH levels naturally.

What is Human Growth Hormone (HGH)?

Your body produces a high supply of HGH from the childhood years into puberty, as these are the concentrated phases of growth in humans. But, HGH helps maintain your tissues and organs throughout your lifetime.

Once you´re fully developed, HGH does not cause you to keep growing, but it does keep you alive through cell growth and division. The role of HGH in an adult body is to regulate all the processes that keep your body functioning normally. Thus, it is essential for life.

The pituitary gland does not produce and release HGH continuously. It usually releases it in bursts throughout the day or roughly every 3-5 hours. Around middle age, the pituitary gland may start to reduce the amount of growth hormone it produces.

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Body building supplements

Functions of natural HGH

  • One of the main functions of HGH is growth. That´s the reason for higher HGH levels during childhood and adolescence (the growing years).
  • HGH maintains metabolism and normal body structure
  • Regulates and stimulates the growth lifestyle of roughly every cell in your body.
  • It triggers protein synthesis and stimulates lipolysis-which burns fat into energy.
  • HGH enables the capability to reverse muscle loss, which can deteriorate with age.
  • Increases fat loss.
  • Improves testosterone.
  • Improves sexual function.
  • Improves insulin sensitivity.
  • Improves sleep.
  • Strengthens bone and bone marrow.
  • Immune protection.
  • Lessens pressure on the liver.
  • Better concentration.


Synthetic HGH and non-synthetic HGH

Synthetic HGH can only be received by a doctor either through a prescription or injection. It is illegal in many countries and must be performed by a doctor.


Who is eligible for a synthetic doctor-prescribed HGH?


Adults who suffer from a growth hormone deficiency (not related to the expected decline in growth hormone due to aging) can receive synthetic HGH prescribed by their doctors or take HGH injections from their doctors. HGH treatments can also be approved to treat adult patients with AIDS or HIV-related growth hormone deficiency.


Possible solutions


It is possible to boost your body´s natural HGH production through all-natural pills such as GenF20 and Hyper GH14X, which may allow you to do just that.

In the 1990s, HGH was primarily sold as an anti-aging remedy. Synthetic HGH is a highly controversial type of HGH because you need a doctor’s prescription as previously stated, and they are illegal in many countries. Synthetic HGH injections can cost anywhere between $10,000-$30,000.

Who should use natural pills to stimulate the pituitary gland to make more HGH?

  • Are you new to weightlifting and are starting to experience joint pain?
  • Are you experiencing slower muscle recovery times?
  • Have you been trying forever, it seems, to get lean muscle mass but with no or limited success?
  • Do you want to be a bodybuilder or just look like one?
  • Would you like to cut down on the amount of time it would take you to build muscles and your recovery time?

Benefits of GenF20

The creators of GenF20 claim that it offers the correct dosage of the main ingredients, which triggers the release of HGH through its properly dosed formula of 4,000 mg of HGH-releasing precursors, amino acids, and growth factors per daily serving.

Other benefits include:

  • improves lean muscle mass
  • decrease post-workout soreness
  • higher levels of energy

The Facts

Unfortunately, HGH levels fall steadily in adulthood at a rate of 14% per decade. Many researchers agree that by age 60, your body can produce less than half the HGH released than in puberty.

It´s a sad truth that when your natural HGH levels decline, your muscles don´t grow as fast, you experience a decrease in strength which is common, and your recovery time takes longer.

Therefore, this makes it more difficult to lose weight, as one of the key roles of HGH is to target and break-down fat in your body.

Natural HGH products aim to help the body retain its HGH functions of burning fat, especially regardless of age, and to turn back the hands of time. Some HGH supplements encourage your body to produce more of its HGH, so there is no artificial inflation of your HGH levels like synthetic injections, and this is why it´s 100% natural and legal.


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How does it work?

GenF20 Plus aims to activate your pituitary gland to release muscle-building growth hormones. Sixteen ingredients help trigger an HGH-stimulating effect in the body. GenF20 has all-natural HGH precursors of special combinations of amino acids and natural growth factors.

This combination works by stimulating your pituitary gland to activate the release of HGH because it encourages your body to produce more of its HGH. 

What are the benefits of higher HGH levels?

Some benefits of higher HGH levels include:

  • defined muscle mass
  • increase in muscle mass
  • increase in muscle strength
  • increase in muscle growth
  • decrease muscle fatigue
  • decrease body fat
  • decrease joint pain
  • accelerate muscle growth

Benefits of GenF20

  • possible to see results in 3 weeks
  • powerful HGH releaser
  • build bigger arms faster
  • faster muscle gains
  • burn body fat
  • gain pounds of lean muscle mass-reduce body fat percentage
  • improve your overall physique
  • elevate your training with more energy
  • increase your motivation
  • fuller, dense muscles


Take two pills twice daily, preferably one pill in the morning and one pill at night. The protective coating of the pills helps improve your absorption, and they are easy to swallow.

GenF20 Plus – The #1 Rated HGH Supplement for Body Building


GenF20 may offer you the opportunity to build muscle mass quickly, quicken your recovery time, shed body fat, feel energetic, and look great naturally.


  • Natural bodybuilding supplement; which aims to encourage your body to produce Human Growth Hormones through its natural processes.
  • Natural and legal, so there´s no need to worry about prescriptions or breaking the law.
  • Contains anti-aging properties


  • Some may consider Gen20F to be costly however, the cost can be compared to some body-building meals that are out there on the market. And buying a 3-month supply or higher saves you money because there´s no shipping cost.


How much does it cost?


1-month supply was $79.95, save $10 now for $69.95

Free global shipping is available on special offers.

Recommend: Yes

There is a 100% money-back guarantee

If you would like to increase your muscle mass, enhance your physic, increase the production levels of HGH in your body naturally without injections/prescriptions, look like a bodybuilder, increase your energy levels, and be in the best shape of your life, then Gen20F may be right for you.


Get your order of Gen20F today! You can have the body of your dreams!


Hyper GH14x

male strong abs

HyperGH14x is another example of a natural HGH-releasing system with an advanced dosing mechanism. Hyper GH14x is one of the most sophisticated growth hormone balancing systems available to professional bodybuilders or people who want to look like a bodybuilder by improving their body composition, reducing fat, and increasing muscle mass.

Hyper GH14x is considered to be one of the most advanced dosing systems on the market today. It´s equipped with advanced absorption technology, which enables the pill to absorb into your system at a higher rate of 80% and above compared to other HGH pills at a rate of only 10-15%.

Its superior high-dosing system optimizes your body´s ability to upload its natural rhythm of releasing HGH during workouts in the first 60 minutes post-workout and especially when you sleep. It is best to take the pills first thing in the morning and last thing in the evening.

You do not need a doctor´s prescription as it stimulates your body´s natural production of growth hormones.

Please consult your primary physician before taking any supplements.

You can:

  • stack on pound after pound of lean, hard muscle
  • strip away soft body fat to reveal ripped contours
  • intensify your workouts with massive amounts of energy
  • get maximum results from the same workouts
  • enjoy, your strongest, fittest, most powerful look ever

HyperGH 14x

How does it work?

Hyper GH14 works through a 2-dose system.

Dose 1 boost Exercised-Induced Growth Hormone Response (EIGF). The heavy resistance and high-intensity training of large muscle groups can have a direct impact on your release of growth hormone.

Some benefits of Hyper GH14

  • higher Exercise-Induced Growth Hormone Response (EIGR)
  • higher natural pulse releases of HGH during your resistance and aerobic training
  • higher pulse releases of HGH in 24 hours

Even on the days when you don´t work out, just 10-15 minutes of high-intensity training after taking your first daily dose of Hyper GH 14X could be all you need to see results. Some studies show that the most significant pulse release of HGH can occur after 10 minutes of intense exercise.

Dose 2 boosts the HGH release associated with circadian rhythm. HGH secretion follows your circadian rhythm, which is usually released in pulses anywhere from 6 to 12 times per day, with the biggest, most significant pulse happening around 1 hour after you fall asleep or around midnight.

If you increase your Exercise-Induced Growth Hormone Response (EIGR), this can also increase the size and frequency of HGH pulses released while you´re sleeping.

Benefits of taking Hyper GH14X at bedtime:

  • improves your sleep quality to facilitate the maximum HGH release after the first hour of sleep, as well as throughout the night
  • you can enjoy a good night´s rest for increased energy during the day
  • can boost your overall quantity of HGH naturally released by your pituitary gland during sleep.


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Hyper GXT triggers your body´s own production of growth hormones

body building


Hyper GH14X uses a pharmaceutical-grade enteric absorption system that is rarely seen in bodybuilding supplements, thus increasing the ingredient absorption by up to 80% or higher. It works by protecting the key ingredients from stomach acid, making sure they reach the small intestine where maximum absorption into the bloodstream occurs.

Take two tablets twice daily (preferably morning and night). That means you need to take four tablets daily. The reason for this is, that it was the only way to fit 930mg of 15 potent precursors into regular-sized tablets.

Would you like to build your muscles quickly and without pain? If you are aging but do not want to lose your edge perhaps Hyper GH14X may be right for you.


For additional information, customer reviews, and a list of the ingredients go here!



  • Natural ingredients that stimulate your body´s HGH production
  • No prescription is required, and there is no need to worry about breaking the law, as it is not synthetic HGH.
  • Some people can see results in as little as 2-3 weeks (this is rare) the rule of thumb for most people is six weeks and beyond.


  • It can be costly however, buying in bulk can save you in the long run (free shipping). The price can be compared to some Body Building meal powders, on the market.
  • You have to take four tablets daily.

Recommend: Yes

There is a 100% money-back guarantee with Hyper GH14X, so if you aren´t satisfied with the results, you can return the product and get a refund minus the shipping cost.


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There are different types of HGH. The synthetic type must be administered by a doctor either in a prescription form or in injections. It is illegal in many countries this is why the regulations are extremely high.

Other forms of HGH have gone through scientific testing and of course, more testing needs to be done. There are currently no known side effects and they can be used without a doctor´s prescription or injections.

Because the focus of the pills is to stimulate your body to do what it did before, in your teenage years-raise the natural HGH levels that you enjoyed in childhood and puberty. Anti-aging products are on the rise and everyone wants to live longer and look and feel great, effortlessly.

Please consult a physician before you start any health-related regimen. Some people may experience some side effects such as muscle, joint, or nerve pain, water retention, high cholesterol, or other symptoms.

Thank you for reading this review on Gen20F and Hyper GH14X products. We hope the information here has answered many of your questions and concerns you may have had. Feel free to click on the links for more information.

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