Should you use organic makeup; which ones should you choose?

Organic facial padsOur world is changing as we know it. We face growing concerns such as climate change. Eco-friendly solutions are on the rise and are quickly becoming the norm in many significant aspects of life.

Some take this calling very seriously. Being a vegan or vegetarian goes deeper than just diet; it´s a lifestyle.

Therefore eco-friendly along with cruelty-free products rank high on their list.

This post dives deep into the organic makeup phenomenon. Should you get organic makeup, and which ones should you choose without breaking the bank?

The history of organic makeup

It´s no secret that makeup has been around for a long time dating as far back as Ancient Egypt (Cleopatra anyone); ancient Egyptians thought there was a bond between makeup and spirituality.

Makeup has seen some significant changes through the years to become the version that we now know. However, the organic makeup of our day hailed from Jean-Paul Llopart with the assistance of Roseanne Verle (France, 1972).

The emphasis of organic makeup is on the relationship between man and his environment. Also, you can´t separate beauty from health.


organic lipstick

What are some health risks of chemicals in makeup?

Some substances from makeup can be dangerous with disastrous toxins and their implications causing severe allergies, cancer, disruption of hormones, and more. Those are some high costs to look good.

Some of the most dangerous chemicals are formaldehyde/formalin, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfate, triclosan, and other heavy metals.

The skin absorbs harmful chemicals from makeup, and they go directly through the bloodstream, compromising your health for years to come. More and more young girls start their makeup journey earlier now than ever before, and this is alarming.

The beauty industry needs more regulation. There have not been substantial changes since 1938, at the inception of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.

In Canada and Europe, there are bans on dangerous toxins in cosmetic makeup unfortunately, the US is lagging behind in this aspect. Now, many women are moving toward more natural, chemical-free makeup, which many organic makeups tend to offer.

The benefits of organic makeup

There are many benefits of organic makeup. You can still look good without sacrificing your health. Here are some benefits:

  • contains no dangerous chemicals
  • no herbicides or chemical fertilizers
  • environmentally friendly
  • all-natural ingredients from plants and minerals
  • rich in nutrients (natural cocoa butter reduces wrinkles and eliminates age spots)
  • may be gentle enough for sensitive skin
  • may slow down the aging process
  • natural scents
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Some examples of organic makeup worth considering

1)  16 Pcs Starter Kit Mineral Makeup Set Base skin matte foundation

Organic Make up Kit Set powder

This starter kit includes a foundation with 9g of powder. It comes with four face powders, each containing 2g of powder.


  • lightweight
  • no cake look
  • mild
  • can also be used as an eyeshadow
  • absorbs excess oil and moisture
  • gives softness and a fresh look
  • reduces the appearance of pores, fine lines, and wrinkles
  • breathable and long-lasting
  • may help heal problematic skin
  • may help improve skin tone
  • easy to use
  • not heavy like liquid makeup

Starter kits can be a Godsend. You get a variety of colors that you can mix and match and have a different look every time. It is a great way to figure out what works, what doesn´t, and your preferences, plus experimenting can be fun.

Once you´ve established your look and preferences, you can choose your desired color with confidence.

2) Physicians formula organic wear 100% natural origin mascara

Organic Mascara

Long lashes have always been a dream for many women, and this formula delivers. It´s 100% natural and comes from some of the purest ingredients. It naturally gives 5x lash-boosting volume, length, and definition. This gentle formula is easy to wash off, provides a clean look and feel, and is a good choice for fuller, longer lashes.

I love this mascara. I have been using it for years now. I have thin long eyelashes. This formula adds volume to my lashes with no clumps and transforms my lashes making them pop. I can see the results instantly, and I love it. It´s easy to apply and take off.

I tried other mascaras before that made noticeable undesirable changes to my lashes. My lashes did not look the same as before I tried them. That´s why I switched to Physicians.

3) Physicians Formula Organic Wear Bronzer Makeup

Physician formular organic makeup

The formula contains hydrating antioxidants and nourishing ingredients which provide a natural glow. It is made from organic Jojoba oil, natural Indian Senna seed, and organic aloe vera. It is easy to blend, looks great, works well in extreme weather (humidity and heat), and may help your skin´s condition.

It is a light and fresh formula. I find that it stands the test of time in humidity. After applying some mainstream makeup a few days later, I would break out in a few tiny pimples (nothing dramatic, but still). I do not have this experience with this makeup, and I am very grateful.

4) Physicians Formula Organic Wear Silk Foundation

Organic Wear Silk Foundation

For those who prefer liquid makeup, this can be a treat for you. The formula is lightweight, easy to use, and blends well with powder. It is excellent for acne-prone dry skin and can improve the appearance and tone of your skin. It offers a natural look and has no oxidation.

I prefer the powder form over the liquid but this one feels better than the average liquid makeup plus it blends well with powder.

5) Garnier Bio Organic Cornflower Micellar Cleaning Water

Bio Organic Make up remover from Garnier

Never go to bed without washing off all the makeup from your face. You want to keep your skin healthy, so taking the makeup off should become a routine. Bio Organic Cornflower Micellar Cleaning Water from Garnier is a gentle, oil-free makeup remover that gets rid of stubborn makeup while gently conditioning the skin.

Other benefits of Organic Cornflower Micellar include

  • leaves skin feeling clean and refreshed
  • a gentle cleanser, no burning or stinging
  • excellent for sensitive skin
  • suitable for all skin types
  • fragrance-free
  • effective yet non-irritating
  • removes waterproof mascara
  • leaves skin soft and smooth like a baby´s
  • no greasy feeling


Makeup has been around since the beginning of time, it seems. The Egyptians put makeup on the map; who could forget Cleopatra? In ancient Egypt, both men and women wore makeup.

There are many dangerous chemicals in makeup, some of which could lead to life-threatening diseases like cancer. Some pioneers of organic makeup believed that health and beauty go hand in hand.

You can look good without jeopardizing your health with some organic makeup products.

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4 thoughts on “Should you use organic makeup; which ones should you choose?”

  1. Hi Dana,

    I seldom wear makeup because I have sensitive skin and might be allergic to ordinary brands. However, I also do not want to spend a lot of money buying expensive brands, lol.

    I put on light eyeshadows and blush occasionally, but I do not leave them on for longer than 6 hours as I start to itch.

    This 6-piece starter kit from Walmart seems good, and it is also anti-aging which is what women in their 40s like me would prefer ☺. It’s also affordable. And of course, Cetaphil face makeup remover is available in almost every grocery and pharmacy nearby.

    I believe that health is wealth and being healthy is not only in terms of food. It is a lifestyle that means avoiding products that could pose harm to our overall well-being.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hey Alice,

      Thank you for reaching out. Yes, some people have extremely sensitive skin, and putting the wrong thing on there can be a nightmare.

      On the other hand, I know too many women who would not dare venture out even to the supermarket without their “face on.”

      I like to try starter kits to experiment with the colors. Some days I would like something simple and more natural, but for special occasions, I can turn it up a notch.

      General health covers more than just food/diet and exercise. Healthy choices offer many positives, and anyone can choose to live a healthier life in every area of life.

      Thanks for stopping by.



  2. With the recent increase in the rate at which cancerous cells develop, a lot of ladies are leaving chemical-based makeups for organic ones. 

    As you rightly identified, these organic makeups are free of chemicals. They are environmentally friendly and slow down the aging process. Top of it is that the materials are majorly from plant and creates little or no side effects.

    My girlfriend just started using some vegan foundation and seems very satisfied.

    • Hey Parameter,

      Thank you for sharing. Times are changing, and more and more people are moving in the direction of eco-friendly products and ideas.

      Makeup has always been around, and I for one, am happy with some of the positive changes I see in organic makeup companies.

      Thanks for reaching out.



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