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Stretch marks are unsightly red, brown, purple, or off-color hues on the skin´s surface. Depending on its severity or location, stretch marks can be a cause of tremendous grief. Stretch marks are ugly, and they suck.

Are stretch marks permanent? Is there no hope at all? This page explores the finality of stretch marks and the possibility of stretch marks removal.

What is a stretch mark?

Another name for stretch marks is striae. They are a form of scarring on the skin and are usually a different color compared to other areas of your skin.

Some stretch marks may look like lesions and feel raised. In severe cases, the appearance of stretch marks can be a cause of deep emotional distress for some people.

What causes stretch marks?

In simple terms, stretch marks usually occur in the dermis when your skin gets stretched too fast and beyond its abilities, and the skin tears.

Some common causes of stretch marks are pregnancy, growth spurt in the teenage years, bodybuilding, obesity, hormones, and heredity.

Stretch marks raise their ugly head in delicate areas with an abundance of fat tissue like the abdomen, butt, breasts, hips, thighs, legs (behind), and upper arms.

Stretch marks may fade over time, but if you want to get rid of stretch marks, you need to take action. Doing nothing will not give you any results.

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How do I get rid of stretch marks?

Some people feel embarrassed by ugly stretch marks and wear clothing to hide them. Stretch marks can fade and become less noticeable, but you need to be proactive in treating them, preferably before they even start.

Collagen and elastin are proteins that help keep it strong and resilient. An increase in your body´s collagen and elastin production levels can help prevent and treat stretch marks.

There are things you can do from your end to reduce the possibilities of getting and fading stretch marks like:

  • keep your weight constant
  • stay hydrated
  • keep skin moisturized
  • increase protein intake
  • increase intake of foods high in vitamins A, C, and D

You can reduce your chances of getting stretch marks during pregnancy by rubbing your stomach frequently with pure cocoa butter (if you have it) or a good cocoa butter cream designed for pregnant women. Take your time and rub the moisturizer deeply into your skin in a circular motion for proper penetration.

It is easier to treat newer stretch marks than older ones because the sooner you start, the better your chances of reducing their appearance and severity.

It is unwise to use stretch mark fade creams during pregnancy.

Is there such a thing as a stretch mark removing cream?

Do you have older stretch marks and hate the way they look? If you do, it isn´t too late. You can still try to reduce their appearance and texture. Luckily, we live in the era of technology, and science is making many advances to help us improve many areas of life, including minimizing the appearance of stretch marks.

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Stretch Mark Therapy by Skinception

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Skinception Stretch Mark Therapy

Skinception´s Stretch Mark Therapy may be the solution to end your stretch mark woes. Skinception uses an all-natural approach to reducing the appearance of stretch marks. Skinception´s Stretch Mark Therapy contains powerful peptides and ingredients to significantly help your skin in its regeneration and cellular renewal processes.

Other benefits of Skinception Stretch Mark Therapy Cream include:

  • significantly reduces the appearance of stretch marks by up to 72%
  • may see quick results in a matter of weeks (varies from person to person)
  • smooths deep furrows and striations
  • restore your skin´s strength and resiliency
  • may reduce the length of stretch marks (active ingredient Danstoside)
  • may help reduce the depth of stretch marks

If you have insane stretch marks that make you self-conscious, are tired of having to look at your ugly stretch marks, and need help, Skinception´s Stretch Mark therapy may be the solution you need. It is time to actively do something to fade your annoying stretch marks so you can love your skin instead of being embarrassed by it.

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I just had my baby 2months ago, and never did find a true product to take away my stretch marks! I only used all the Palmer products for maternity




Stretch marks can be unsightly lesions on your skin ranging from red, purple, brown, or pale color hues. They normally occur in areas with an abundance of fat, like the stomach, breasts, butt, arms, legs (behind), and thighs.

Stretch marks can fade over time if you actively seek to minimize their appearance and texture. It is vital to keep your skin moisturized. Treatments for stretch marks include increasing your levels of collagen and elastin proteins.

Skinception Stretch Mark Therapy uses all-natural products to help your body stimulate collagen and elastin production and may help to minimize and fade stretch marks´ look and texture.

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  1. Well, these days, many people suffer from stretch marks. As you have mentioned in the post, I think something that can help us easily is to increase eating foods rich in vitamins C, A, and D along with an increase of healthy proteins.

    I am lucky because I don’t have any. However, I recommend this cream to anyone that has stretch marks. One of my friends used it and was so happy.

    1. Hi Liam,

      Thank you for sharing your opinions on this platform. Yes, many people suffer from stretch marks, particularly women. 

      Some people are not too bothered by them, but those with moderate to severe cases may try to seek ways to combat them.

      I am happy that your friend was content with the product and got the results she wanted.

      Thanks for stopping by.



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