What are healthy lifestyle choices?


The dictionary describes a healthy lifestyle as a complete state of mental, physical, and social well-being. Healthy lifestyle choices are choices that cultivate a balanced lifestyle and benefit the physical, mental, social/emotional, and spiritual aspects of life.

Good health is not just the absence of illness and disease from your life, but rather that health flows to every part of you from the physical to the emotional and everything in between.

Healthy lifestyle choices are the act of making choices to improve your health and well-being: from a decision as simple as changing your diet or exercising to one more challenging as eliminating toxic habits such as smoking or drug abuse, which causes more harm than good to your general health.

Healthy lifestyle choices can offer the courage to make complex decisions such as choosing to forgive the unforgivable and standing by that decision firmly (even though sometimes you may not feel like it), whilst walking out baby steps within that framework to successfully get you to your desired goal.

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Healthy lifestyle choices affect all aspects of life.


Diet, exercise, and a good night´s sleep, all have a significant role in your health. Maintaining a balanced weight is vital. A constant fluctuation of weight gain or loss can be tiring and a burden to your health. Not to mention it could be a stumbling block and a lack of motivation for you. It is best to avoid this with regular exercise and healthy meals to keep your weight constant.

Diet and exercise play a vital role in living a healthy lifestyle. When you eat a balanced meal and exercise, you start to look and feel better. It´s simple, you give your body what it needs and it gives you what you want (health and vitality).


A healthy balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals is a must-have for good health. As a rule of thumb, the more colorful your meals the better. Your body is a powerful machine that requires many nutrients and minerals daily.

Make sure your meals are full of an array of nutrients from the daily recommended food guidelines necessary to fulfill your body´s needs.

A good diet is a good way to fight off diseases in your body, but it is not the only way. Remember that your meal choices should empower your body through nutrients to function at their full potential.


A regular exercise regimen of a few times a week is a good plan to have. If going to the gym is not for you, go out in nature for long walks or hikes instead. Diet and exercise in conjunction with each other play a vital role in maintaining a stable weight. This prevents chronic illnesses from attacking your body.

A good exercise regimen regulates your body´s weight, fights off diseases, elevates your mood, and gives you a burst of energy. You can choose an easy exercise workout routine where you start with simple techniques and once you are more comfortable, you can add a little more to it for a bit of complexity.

You can also go at your own pace. The key is to keep moving forward to achieve your goals.


There are few things in life that are better than a good night´s rest. Adequate sleep is vital. Going to bed earlier, thus assuring that you have anywhere from 7-9 hours of sleep every night, is a good practice.

Also, if you think you may have any sleep disorders, please go to a specialist to find out if there is an underlying cause. Sometimes underlying medical conditions such as gastrointestinal disorders in the form of Sibo, leaky gut, and many others can rob you of a good night´s sleep.

A good night´s rest gives you the strength and energy you need to start your day off right.


Stress can cause havoc on your mental health if left unchecked. It can increase the risk of depression and can negatively affect your mental health. Stress management strategies are necessary to have in place to reduce stress.

Let´s face it we live in a stress-induced world and it is vital to have solutions to alleviate stress in our lives. Whether it´s meditation, yoga, or stress management courses, choose a path that works best for you to release anxiety from your body.

Too much stress can cause inflammation and disease in the body.  If you want to enjoy a satisfying and pain-free life, you need to remove all stress from your life as soon as possible, and as often as possible; – especially if you have a demanding stressful job.

Do not push stress techniques on the back burner. Get in the habit of making them a daily and weekly practice in your schedule. Your body will thank you for it later.



You should do your best to cultivate and maintain loving relationships with family, friends, and loved ones. Loving relationships provide us with the support and care we need to thrive; stay in contact with loved ones regularly.

Take advantage of social media platforms to do so. People who have a healthy social support system tend to thrive and experience an increase in creativity.


Forgiveness is a valuable component of spiritual freedom. There is no doubt that traumatic experiences in life can cause deep hurt and pain. It can allow us to become bitter or better. Forgiveness comes easier for some people than for others. But it´s not impossible! You can do anything no matter how difficult, with the right help.

If you want a healthy life, you have to decide first to forgive, then take small attainable steps towards achieving that goal.


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In conclusion, we can see, that most healthy choices affect us physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. A healthy choice can start as a simple decision to add more variety to your daily diet to a more complex one such as forgiving others and freeing yourself from bitterness, resentment, and hate.

Those are strong negative emotions that can be the root of many autoimmune diseases and other chronic illnesses.

Let´s be honest. It certainly feels good to be healthy. When you are sick, you are limited in what you can do because you are not able to.

Unfortunately, you can´t buy good health at a drug or department store, nor can you order it online. It is easy to take health for granted when you have it and long to have it back when you don´t.

You can maintain your good health for years to come by preserving it and putting healthy strategies in place to protect your health, increase your satisfaction with life, boost your energy levels and moods, and increase your quality of life.

Now it´s your turn. How about you? What are your thoughts on the matter? Do you have any questions, comments, or suggestions?

Please write them down below. We would love to hear from you and would be happy to be of any service to you if we can.

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2 thoughts on “What are healthy lifestyle choices?”

  1. Living a healthy life would start with eating a balanced and healthy diet, together with getting enough exercise and sleep as well. But it is more than that. We also need to have a mental and emotional state of calmness, to be healthy. If one is harbouring fear, anxieties or negative thoughts, it can all lead to an imbalance that can affect your health. 

    I find that once I stop worrying about things that I do not have control over, that my mental state improves and I feel more relaxed. Thanks for sharing a great pots. 

    • Thank you, Line. I agree with you wholeheartedly. A healthy lifestyle covers all aspects of health, not just physical but emotional, and mental/psychological as well. Check out our other posts Positive Thinking Health Benefits, Meditation for Good Health, Journaling for Stress Relief, and Financial stress Effects on Health. They all touch on the points you brought up.

      We, here at Elevate Healthy Lifestyle Choices, believe in taking measures to ensure total health. Our motto is ‘Why live an ordinary life when you can live an extraordinary one ‘? Living a healthy lifestyle allows you to live a more fulfilling and satisfying life.

      Here´s to a quality life.



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