The benefits of healthy living

Last time, we talked about the definition of healthy lifestyle choices. We discovered that healthy lifestyle choices can have an impact not on our physical health alone, but on our mental and emotional health as well.

That there is a connection between all 3 dimensions and if one or more dimension is negatively or positively affected for that matter, then all 3 are brought along for the ride in either direction.

This knowledge should be something that we take into consideration in terms of finding ways of improving our health and exploring avenues to make sure that our whole well-being is healthy.

Today we are going to explore the benefits of healthy lifestyle choices. There are many benefits of a healthier lifestyle.

A healthier lifestyle:

  • can reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as cancers, heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, arthritis, and autoimmune diseases,
  • can maintain a healthy weight, can make you look and feel great,
  • can stabilize your energy levels throughout the day,
  • can increase your performance, creativity, and concentration.

A healthier lifestyle enriches your life, makes you happier, gives you more independence, and offers much more!

No sickness, no pain!

Would you like to have a disease-free and pain-free body? Who wouldn´t want to be healthy, right? Who wouldn´t want to live without constant pain?

Many people strive for this. You can have it by improving your meals and implementing some form of activity such as working out at the gym for a half hour/going for a 30-minute hike/walk/bike ride, or working out in front of your favorite shows on Netflix right in the comfort of your home at least three times a week, along with actively cutting stress out of your life with the help of yoga, meditation, or other stress management techniques.

The possibilities and details are all yours for the taking. You can even spice it up a bit by adding a variety, one-day walking, one-day swimming, and a day on the treadmill.

Kiss dieting wars goodbye

Stomach fat

Have you ever been on a diet? Do you know what a diet is? Have you always been on a diet? Do you know too well what a diet is? If you are sick and tired of dieting, are you ready to end it once and for all?

A healthy balanced diet rich with essential vitamins and minerals in conjuncture with a body in motion at least 3x a week equals balanced weight and your emancipation proclamation from dieting´s relentless enslavement.

The latter is a mouthful, but the emotions those words evoke are riveting. There´s nothing more rewarding than achieving success in your endeavors.

There´s peace and satisfaction that comes when you finally get over a hump or get the monkey off your back for that matter!

Look good feel great!

The right foods bring out the best in you. Don´t believe me? Look for the signs.

A healthy body oozes health. There´s a spark in your eyes, your hair shines, your skin glows, you don´t feel constantly tired, and there´s a pep in your step.

Simply put you look and feel great. You have a new lease on life. You can up the stakes.

Push to the next level with confidence. Now that is priceless.

Energize Me

Your energy levels can remain constant throughout your day with the proper foods (salmon, cottage cheese, dark chocolate, roasted chickpeas, and Quinoa are some examples).

Compared to taking drastic measures such as unhealthy sugar rush methods (candy bars) every time you feel sluggish. The excess sugar may give you energy for a little while only to let you crash and burn later, leaving you feeling worse off than before.

Having a constant energy wavelength without extreme peaks and valleys can do wonders for your mood and frame of mind.

Creativity and Performance Enhancement

Can you think clearly under stress? This is unlikely, not impossible for some people, but difficult for the rest of us.

When you are at peace, your creativity comes out and unravels. Your concentration can go through the roof, and your performance at school or work can increase significantly.

You can push the envelope and think outside the box. Your creative energy can flow untamed. The possibilities are endless.

At this point, you can surprise yourself and others by discovering hidden talents you did not know you even had.


A healthier lifestyle can offer you many qualities that money cannot buy, like your health and well-being. Look around you and take inventory of what you can have and enjoy; good health, peace of mind, healthy friendships, and relationships, increase performance levels, the enjoyment of sustainable energy levels throughout the day, etc.

When you realize that you are happy and content with your life; you can enjoy the fruits of your labor.

You can have and enjoy a quality life. It is very much within your reach.

How badly do you want it? What are you willing to do to achieve this? Is failure an option for you or is it not in your vocabulary?

Plant baby seeds reap giant crops

Clever people have a 401K retirement plan. They also go a step further and invest in the stock market and even dabble in crypto. Why do people invest? What do they gain by doing this? They want financial freedom for their futures.

They do the work now to reap the rewards later. This can also be true with healthy lifestyle choices, except when you put in the work now, planting your seeds, unlike your 401K retirement plan, you can enjoy your benefits both now and in the future. You don´t only have to wait in the distant future to see your results.


There are several benefits to living a healthier lifestyle; maintaining a constant weight is one secret to kissing dieting and diseases goodbye.

Healthier meals can boost your immune system and nourish your body from the inside out. Your body will display its good health status for the world to see through the sparkle in your eyes, healthier hair and skin, and maintain constant energy levels throughout the day.

Your quality of life can increase and can pour into your relationships and friendships giving you a healthier, more fulfilling, satisfying, and rewarding life. Not to mention your quality of life can elevate to the next level.

It doesn´t get better than this!

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2 thoughts on “The benefits of healthy living”

  1. I am glad that I came across this article, really powerful words. The few years I have really taken stock of my health and living a healthy lifestyle.  Since then I have seen positive changes in my body and my health as I had suffered from joint pains, breathing problems and digestive problems in the past. I made changes to my diet and started eating healthier, even started a home garden. Indeed a healthy lifestyle is the way to go, those crash  is short-lived. I want to encourage anyone to make a change you will certainly reap the benefits of living a healthy life.

    • Hi Shevonne,

      Thanks for sharing your experience with us. I couldn´t have said it better. A healthier life is by far a better life. You chose wisely. I´m so happy that you changed your health and life around.



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