Best 19 Stress Relief Products

It is common in today´s world to be under constant stress. Work, family, finances, and current world events are just a few opportunities for stress to get out of control in your life. Stress has a reputation for being a silent killer. However, not all stress is bad, and good stress; also known as eustress, … Read more

Is relaxation good for anxiety?

Has worry ever left you with sleepless nights? Have you ever worried about a problem all day long? You tried to concentrate on your job, but your mind kept wandering to your source of concern- your problem. Chronic anxiety is like a cruel master that demands all of your attention continuously. Anxiety can cause physical … Read more

Can relaxation help acid reflux?

Have you ever experienced a burning sensation in your chest after a meal? The contents of your stomach seem to take a detour and travel upward into the esophagus. This condition is called acid reflux and affects many people. Can relaxation help acid reflux? This page takes a closer look to determine just that. What … Read more

Can aromatherapy help with stress and anxiety?

You step into your house, and the smell of freshly baked cookies tantalizes your nostrils. It certainly does take some of you back to the joyful memories of your grandmother´s kitchen and delicious homemade meals, correct? The sense of smell is a beautiful gift, and pleasant scents can certainly alter your mood and bring back … Read more

The ugly side effects of stress and what you can do about it

We all know that negative stress is a foe, not a friend because your body is in a constant state of fight-or-flight, even when there are no dangers/stressors present. Are you experiencing sleepless nights of tossing and turning, worrying about your finances, and other problems? Or is your workload steadily increasing, becoming more unrealistic? How … Read more

The Truth About Stress Management Techniques

Our modern world is drenched in stress from work requirements and workloads to family responsibilities. Sometimes it seems that 24 hours is not enough time for a day. Stress is a normal part of life. However, chronic stress is not. Chronic stress is on the rise and rapidly becoming a global challenge. Stress is one … Read more

Manage your stress like a boss

Let´s face it. The world we live in today can be very stressful. Fast-paced lifestyles are the norm as you juggle job and family obligations, along with many other responsibilities and daily tasks. Stress is a normal part of life, and not all stress is bad for you, like eustress but chronic stress is not. … Read more

What are the health benefits of red beets?

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What is the nutritional value of chia seeds?

Chia seeds may come in small sizes, but they are big in nutritional value. Chia seeds hail from the Aztec and Mayan cuisine for many centuries. These tiny black or white seeds from the Salvia Hispanica L plant may not be a sight for sore eyes but offer a long list of health benefits worth … Read more

Are cherries actually good for you?

Cherries are small, round soft stone fruits that are usually bright or dark red and full of tasty goodness that many have come to adore. There are two main categories tart and sweet. From their vibrant colors to their delicious taste, some may wonder if cherries are actually good for you. Let us uncover the … Read more